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  Year Accomplishments
2018 HAA participated in a regional real estate coalition including AAKC, BOMA, IREM, and KCRAR to represent the development community's perspective regarding new KCMO registration and inspection requirements to be administered by the City's Health Department. The group's organized opposition to an August 7th city-wide ballot issue fell short of defeating the measure, which is now codified.
2018 HAA continued litigation in an effort to recover Mission Kansas Transportation Utility Fee ("TUF") collections that were declared illegal in 2017 by the Kansas Supreme Court. The matter was still being litigated in Johnson county District Court at year end.
2018 HAA participated in a regional real estate coalition including AAKC, Landlords Inc., KCRAR, and a number of real estate investment groups voicing concerns over a comprehensive and multi-faceted KCMO "Housing Policy", which contains several new requirements for developers, builders and landlords in terms of more restrictive ROI potential, as well as more intrusive regulation regarding rental resident selection, retention, and eviction policy criteria. At year end the main substance of the KCMO Housing Policy had not yet been codified; and the real estate coalition continued to insist that there be a greater outreach to the development community to provide much needed expertise before finalizing the pending policy.
2017 On April 7, 2018 the Kansas Supreme Court issued its decision finding the City of Mission's transportation utility fee is an illegal excise tax under Kansas law, a position HAA and co-plaintiffs argued since the lawsuit was first filed in 2012. The Supreme Court directed that the case be remanded back to the original trial court to resolve unsettled issues with regard to the illegal taxes that were collected.
2017 HAA leads a coalition of Kansas City, MO residential rental property owners in discussion with the City's Health Department over a newly proposed business registration and interior inspection program, which ultimately results in holding the issue off of the November, 2017 election ballot.

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