Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Score Card

We Have Made A Difference!


  Year Accomplishments
2015 KCMO adopts a "Mandatory Benchmarking" ordinance requiring all significant residential and commercial buildings to phase in property specific energy and water consumption electronic reporting for public scrutiny. HAA, BOMA and other development community participants remain actively engaged in a "rule making" process intended to maximize compliance.
2015 HAA is asked by the City of Overland Park to engage in discussion regarding better regulation of rental properties. Stakeholders representing both large and small landlords, neighborhoods, and codes administrators work together for four months to arrive at a mutually acceptable staff recommendation to be presented to the City Council for consideration.
2015 HAA and other co-plaintiffs prevail in the Mission, KS TUF appeal of of an earlier adverse Johnson County District Court decision when the Kansas Court of Appeals finds the TUF to be an excise tax in violation of Kansas state law. Mission subsequently files for a Kansas Supreme Court review of the appellet court's decision.
2014 HAA joins with the greater regional development community in opposing a KCMO "mandatory benchmarking" ordinance that requires annual reporting and publication of individual property energy and water consumption.
2014 HAA supports efforts in Kansas to reform the property tax appeal process and lobbies for restraint in accellerating property tax increases that would, left unchecked, place undue burden on multifamily properties.

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