Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Welcome to the Heartland Apartment Association

The Heartland Apartment Association (HAA) exists to provide Kansas and Missouri multifamily rental housing owners/operators with access to an effective input in relevant legislative and policy-making processes. When necessary, the HAA facilitates unified action in response to adverse legal challenges and/or policy decisions.

As circumstances may dictate, the HAA engages the services of third-party consultants, lobbyists, and attorneys to ensure specialized and professional representation when required.

From time to time, the HAA Board of Directors makes recommendations to the HAPAC (Heartland Apartment Political Action Committee) with respect to direct political monetary contributions to relevant state and local candidates and ballot issues throughout Kansas and Missouri.

It shall continue to be the HAA’s highest priority to remain responsive to those whom we represent and to remain ever conscious of HAA’s ultimate goal - to “improve the state of the multifamily rental housing industry.”

Recent Accomplishments
KCMO adopts a "Mandatory Benchmarking" ordinance requiring all significant residential and commercial buildings to phase in property specific energy and water consumption electronic reporting for public scrutiny. HAA, BOMA and other development community participants remain actively engaged in a "rule making" process intended to maximize compliance.

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